California to Vancouver

All good trips come to an end. After 3 weeks in the sun we came back to the shore to meet up with the homies.

Spring in Oregon and California

We dragged Quinn and Matt down to the USA in the middle of March to start the season off right.

Moab, UT

We went to the desert to ride bikes with some friends and escape the wet Coastal fall. We had fun, then Will broke his arm.

Trans BC Pt 2

From Golden to Revelstoke the party continues

Trans BC Pt 1

The race seemed over before it even began. Sometime in the middle of the night, deep in the mountains of interior BC, Elaine’s carburetor deteriorated from her normal, finicky temperament to a monumental meltdown that would change the course of the week. Upon lurching into Fernie, the crew was saved the benevolence of a moustachioed savant known only as “Duffman”. The Coloradan racer bailed out the Radicals, left stranded and salty on the side of the road, lending them his Japanese-powered motorhome in lieu of their poorly carbureted Chevrolet. Proving that the spirit of Enduro lives in a van.